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 VW Retreat classic - no date

  T'ai Chi Chih Retreat Day
 at Presentation Sisters' Retreat House, Virginia Waters         


T'ai Chi Chih Retreat/Reflection Days are offered in the St. John's area during the year, generally as an added option at the end of the winter, spring and fall sessions. (They are also available on request in other areas of the province as well, as scheduling allows.)

These days are designed for those already familiar with T'ai Chi Chih. However, they are also open to someone without any previous experience, with the understanding that no new teaching will be offered. Some come just for the quiet and are happy for simply a taste of T'ai Chi Chih.

The regular retreat days are generally on a Saturday and go from 10:00 - 3:30, with participants arriving by 9:45 so we can be ready to start on time.

                                                Around the Platter Variation on one of our Retreat Days

A typical such day would include personal quiet time, group reflection time, guided review and practice with a particular focus on selected principles or aspects of the moves,  and a full silent silent practice to both begin and end the day.

Individuals or groups are responsible for bringing their own brown bag lunch ... tea and coffee provided ...

The retreat days in the St. John's area are held at the Presentation Sisters Retreat House at Virginia Water. It is located on Virginia Lake at 47 Parsonage Drive, off Logy Bay Road between Rocksley Place and Marconi Place.  Parsonage Drive is just a little past NL Drive as you are going north towards Logy Bay.  If you reach the NTV buliding, you have gone too far!  

Whether we get together for a half day or a full day, everyone seems to want to simply stay longer!  They generally follow at the end of a Winter, Spring or Fall session.

COST: $30 per person  for full day
          $15 per person  for half day




Similar T'ai Chi Chih Retreat Days are also available for staffs or other groups with no T'ai Chi Chih experience and who are looking for a relaxing, reflective day devoted to healthy self-care.

As time allows, a  typical such day for new groups,  with no previous T'ai Chi Chih experience would include personal quiet time, group reflection time, an introduction to ten of the twenty moves and guided practice during the day with a particular focus on selected principles or aspects of the moves both morning and afternoon, finishing the day with a silent practice.

Group days can be arranged at times to accommodate both the group's calendar and my own as time allows.

COST: $25 per person.




 "Pulling in the Energy" at The Wilds in 2010 at one of Lucy's O'Driscoll's Retreat Weekends

For more information about Lucy's weekends you can e-mail her at

Half day workshops, up to three hours in length, provide an introduction to T'ai Chi Chih that includes a general understanding of the key principles, sufficient practice time to gain an initial familiarity with the first 8-10 moves and the closing pose, and perhaps "taste" the others as time allows. At the end of the workshop participants are able to go home and begin to practice them  on their own. Many leave with their appetites hungry for more and register for the next full set of classes!

Such workshops have also been offered on request for other special interest groups, as part of Staff Development Days. One such session involved the staff at The Whitbourne Youth Detention Centre with a view to possibly providing sessions for youth at risk. That T'ai Chi Chih experience eventually led to a wider group of staff in Youth Services doing a full staff development day with a T'ai Chi Chih focus. 

One such morning only session was held as part of a full weekend retreat with a group at the St. John's Rotary Park ...


                          Doing some Push Pull at a Rotary Park Retreat

 Another series of such workshops wa held in 2007 as part of International Women's Week at the Military Families Resource Centre in Pleasantville ...


 Military families #1              Military Families #2

                                 Push Pull                                                                       Rocking Motion



Military Families #4

                                                                                                   Bass Drum

                International Women's Week in 2007 with with some members of our Military Families