Tai Chi Chih

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Because of allergies/sensitivities, I ask that those who attend my sessions
please try to keep them as scent-free as possible.
Thank you.


Special T'ai Chi Chih Presentations

Public "Come and See " Sessions

Public "Come and See" sessions of an hour or an hour and a half are sometimes offered throughout the year, perhaps before new 8-week classes begin in the fall, winter and spring, for those  who are "interested" in getting a taste of T'ai Chi Chih. Those interested or simply curious are invited to first experience T'ai Chi Chih in a silent demonstration and to then try it on for themselves as they learn about what it is, how it works, the benefits others have reported, and how it might possibly benefit them in their own lives. Many return to take the full set of classes and of those who do, many invite along an additional family member, friend or colleague!

These sessions can also be made available on request for specific interest groups, community groups or staff groups at times that are mutually agreeable as scheduling allows.


                           Doing "Around the Platter Variation"
               with a group from 
                The Association for New Canadians


 On request, and sometimes as a personal initiative as a way of actively promoting T'ai Chi Chih, half an hour, one hour, or an hour and a half T'ai Chi Chih presentaions have been offered to special interest groups such as youth, seniors, retirees,Diabetic Association, Catholic Women's League groups, including one of their Provincial Conferences, Association for New Canadians, and staffs at a variety of work sites including The Whitbourne Youth Detention Centre, other government offices, hospitals, schools and other facilities.

 Clarenville 50+

 Clarenville 50+ members

These prove to be an excellent way to promote awareness and pique an interest in T'ai Chi Chih as one avenue among many for generating healthier living whether personally or in the work place.

 St. Paul's Parish Seniors' group

Arranging a workshop or shorter presentation is as easy as a phone call to me at 709-727-7863 or e-mail me at sheilaleonard@nf.sympatico.ca  

Depending on the context,
some special presentation sessions are offered free
while, for others, the fee is negotiable.



NL Retired Teachers Association Annual Conference at The Sheraton Hotel May 2015

I was invited to do a T'ai Chi Chih demonstration at the start of one of the sessions at the Conference.  Needless to say all were invited to join in and did ... and seemed to thoroughly enJOY it! A lovely change of the pace from the busies of the Conference.    Who knows what might be stirred among those in attendance for down the road!!!

Some thoughts given to the National Conference at another time!

(photos to follow at some point ...)