Tai Chi Chih

Joy Thru Movement


List of Moves

List of T'ai Chi Chih Moves 



The moves are gererally done in repetitions of 3 for most of the sideways moves
 or 9 for those that go forward and backward plus for 2 of the sideways moves.

They are essentially done with the waist and wrists
while the rest of the body flows with the movement
and adjusts accordingly,
the spine remaining straight the whole time
and the gaze soft and forward.

While the moves are most often done standing,
there is also a seated form, 
designed for those with physical challenges,
including students in wheelchairs.


    1. Rocking Motion                                                          11. Basic Pulling Taffy

 2. Bird Flaps its Wings                                                   12. Anchor Taffy Variation

 3. Around the Platter                                                     13. Wrist Circle Taffy

4. Around the Platter Variation                                       14. Perpetual Motion Taffy

         5. Bass Drum                                                                15. Working the Pulley

    6. Daughter on the Mountain                                       16. Light at the Top of the Head
 Light at the Temple

7. Daughter in the Valley                                               17. Joyous Breath

8. Carry the ball to the Side                                           18. Passing Clouds

        9. Push Pull                                                         19. Six Healing Sounds

                10. Pulling in the Energy                                        20. Cosmic Consciousness Pose  


Click HERE for copy of Stick Figure Images for #   1 -   8  Rocking Motion to Carry the Ball to the Side
Click HERE for copy of Stick Figure Images for #   9 - 12 Push Pull to Anchor Taffy Variation
Click HERE for copy of Stick Figure Images for # 13 -16 Wrist Circle Taffy to Light at the Top of Head/ at Temple
Click HERE for copy of Stick Figure Images for # 17- 20 Joyous Breath to Cosmic Consciousness Pose

   With special thanks to Evangeline Bratt for providing the illustrations. They were shared as a handout at Conference several years ago.

Note: In the first three Pulling Taffy illustrations, the hands in the second last position are now meant to be more at waist level ...

         and when the bottonm hands sweeps across, the other hand is actually now meant to be lower than pictured here ...