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T'ai Chi Chih classes have been offered by in Gander by Karen Dingwell-McCarthy who was accredited as a T'ai Chi Chih Teacher in August 2009. Nelson Higdon, who was accredited at the same time and was teaching in Gander with Karen, has since moved out of the province.


Please contact Karen for her current class schedule and other details.
You can reach her at 709-256-8486 or kdingwellmccarthy@nf.sympatico.ca

 Meanwhile, some former students continue to aim to meet once a week to practice together.
Eager to keep the good energy flowing! Congratulations to all!
To be commended for your enthusiasm and faithfulness!

Gander - pulling in energy

   Students at Gander weekend session doing Bass Drum
including Karen and Nelson
who went on to become
Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teachers
in 2009!

Classes have been previously offered  at St. Catherine's Renewal Centre, St. Catherine Street and at the Seniors 50+Club, pending interest and teacher availability.

Former students have  continued to meet at the Seniors' Club
a couple of times a week to practice together.
Again, eager to keep the good energy flowing! Congratulations to all!
To be commended for your enthusiasm and faithfulness!

GFW 50+ Platter 

50+ Club members at GFW doing Pulling in the Energy

It is my hope to travel to GFW to offer classes again at some point
for either a set of weekend classes and/or a set of weekday sessions.
Details will be posted and sent out as they become available.

If interested, you can contact me at
727-7863 or sheilaleonard@nf.sympatico.ca

Many thanks to Ruth Sanders
for her wonderful leadership
in bringing T'ai Chi Chih to GFW.

Unfortuinately, for health reasons, Ruth Has had to withdraw. 

 GFW - St. C 08

                  Students at a weekend at St. Catherine's Renewal Centre
                                 doing Around the Platter Variation


In June 06 a weekend  introductory T'ai Chi Chih course session was offered in Topsail.
I would be open to other possibilities in the Conception Bay area, pending interest.
lease contact  me at 727-7863 or  sheilaleonard@nf.sympatico.ca if you are interested.


 CBS Weekend T'ai Chi Chih Session doing Pulling Taffy



Classes were offered in July of 2009 at the Father Val Power Learning Centre, Riverhead, St. Mary's Bay, sponsored by the 50+ Club. 

 St. Mary's Bay 2009

                             Students at St. Mary's Session doing Push Pull

Open to returning if the interest is there.
Meanwhile, a group had been continuing to practice at the Centre.
Contact Sheila Lee at 525-2564 or fvplc@hotmail.com if interested
or me as the Instructor at sheilaleonard@nf.sympatico.ca or 709-727-7863

Burin Peninsula Area

Classes were most recently offered in Marystown in September 2010, sponsored by the 50+ Club. 
                                                              Marystown 2009                            Marystown students doing Around the Platter Variation

If you might be interested in other classes in the area, you are invited to contact either  Lynn Edwards at 279-1514, Mike Cheeseman at 279-2149, Helen Kelly at 279-2043
or me  at   709-579-7863/727-7863 or by e-mail at sheilaleonard@nf.sympatico.ca


 Cost: $80 for full course  
(Fall 2010 classes were covered by 50+ Club program funds)



Classes were offered in Ferryland the Fall of 2004 as a series of 8 weeks. Other sessions could be offered, pending interest.

Ferryland 2005?

                                        In Ferryland doing Daughter on the Mountain Top

If interested in exploring options, please  contact me at 
sheilaleonard@nf.sympatico.ca or 709-727-7863




Last new classes were offered in Trepassey the Fall of 2004. Other sessions to be offered pending interest.

Meanwhile, students have continued to meet two or three times a week to practice together
at the 50+ Club Building in Trepassey.


In Trepassey
50+ Club doing Around the Platter

To be congratulated and commended for your enthusiasm and faithfulness!

Contact person: Jose 438-2273 or jwaddl@nf.sympatico.ca


Last sessions were held in Witless Bay Spring 2008, sponsored by the 50+ Club.
Possible other sessions in the future pending interest.
Contact me or Sheila Carew at valsheila@nf.sympatico.ca or 709- 334-2311

COST: $80 for full 8-week course          
(Cash or cheque payable to Sheila Leonard)




Allan MacNeil, who was accredited as a T'ai Chi Chih Teacher in August 2009 is currently teaching classes in the Stephenville area. For details about his classes you are invited to contact Allan at 709-649-1224 or 709-643-2683 in Stephenville or synergyqi@yahoo.com

 S'Ville - Cos Con Pose 2006

                                         Stephenville students doing Cosmic Consciuos Pose
                                                          including Allan Mac Neill
                                                       who went on to become an
|                                                  Accreditted T'ai Chi Chih Teacher


Classes were last offered in the Corner Brook and Deer Lake area in 2008 and may again be a possibliity, pending interest and scheduling options re teacher availability. If interested, please contact either me or Allan.

Bowater Park 2006         Deer Lake 2006

  Corner Brook students in Bowater Park                         Deer Lake students in the Resting Pose
             doing Working the Pulley                                       where we begin and end our moves