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Justin Stone – Originator

 SPECIAL NOTE:  Please see the  " Justin - Remembering" article under the "About T'ai Chi Chih" menu bar for the news of Justin's death March 28, 2012.

TCC - Justin Stone

                Justin Stone, who originated T'ai Chi Chih® Joy thru Movement in 1974, turned 95 in November, 2011 and did the following spring on March 28, 2012.

After spending many years living in the far east, learning their traditions and way of life and incorporating them into his own life, 
Justin returned to North America to reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he lived his remaining years.

You can browse the official world-wide T'ai Chi Chih web site at www.taichichih.org for more of Justin's story. 

Justin and T'ai Chi Chih related materials available
Links to many video clips of Justin speaking about and teaching T'ai Chi Chih can be found on the world wide web and especially on You Tube.

There is also a T'ai Chi Chih app available in both i-phone and android formats containing the T'ai Chi Chih Photo Text and so much more.
The DOWNLOAD button for both can be found on the www.taichichih.org web site home page.

A variety of other complementary teaching material is available in the form of an official Photo Text itself by Justin, official teaching DVDs for T'ai Chi Chih and its advanced form which is called Seijaku, a PBS DVD of 13 interviews with Justin done by Carmen Brocklehurst, a teacher and student of Justin's in Albuquerque, an audio CD called "Justin Speaks" and a variety of other printed publications by Justin. 

Many of the above materials I have available for purchase.  Many of these I also have available as part of a Lending Library for students/teachers.  After browsing the Lending Library copies, students/teachers often decide to purchase their own copies.

All of these are available from  Good Karma Publishing and can be ordered on-line at http://www.gkpub.com or directly from me, depending on my inventory. 


The Vital Force Journal

  The Vital Force Journal is the official quarterly journal of the T'ai Chi Chih Community. On the cover of each issue apears a quote from Justin that reads:

"T'ai Chi Chih is a service to humanity. It is a form of love."

I also have second copies available as part of my Lending Library. It is a compilation of articles and materials from Justin, plus articles and reflections from our T'ai Chi Chih Guide and Teacher Trainers, as well as teachers and students from the world-wide T'ai Chi Chih Community .

Click on the following link to read more about it, to subscribe, or to download a sample copy:       http://www.taichichih.org/vital-force/


Another quote of Justin's exemplifies what he refers to as "a latitude of gratitude"
a way of life which he maintains is facilitated by one's practice of T'ai Chi Chih:

   “If you want a good life, be grateful.”