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Special TCC Trainings


Since July 2007 our Teacher Trainers and TCC Guide have been coming to NL
for a total of 9 special training sessions for serious students and our already accredited teachers.
These sessions have included T'ai Chi Chih and/or Seijaku which is the advanced form of T'ai Chi Chih.
Each of them a
wonderful experience!

Two such sessions were directly reated to Teacher Accreditation,
with 6 students from around the province,
and two from New York and New Jersey,
having been accredited here in 2009.
Two others from NL have since been accredited. 

Shall continue to explore options for  other such sessions.



These sessions have been led over the years primarily
by Dan Pienciak, Accredited Teacher, Teacher Trainer,
mentor and friend from New Jersey
where Dan is one of the lead teachers
and the key events host/co-ordinator for the area.


We have also been privileged to have had
our two other Teacher trainers, Sandy McAlister, now Guide,  and Pam Towne,
as well as our previouis Guide for T'ai Chi Chih, Sister Antonia Cooper
who had been appointed by Justin to carry T'ai Chi Chih into the future.


What do these sessions look like?

The weekend T'ai chi Chih workshops focus on
deepening one's T'ai Chi Chih practice and making refinements,
and are open to any student who has done the full T'ai Chi Chih course at least once
and is becoming more comfortable with the moves.

You are most welcome to join us whether you are simply serious
about improving and deepening your T'ai Chi Chih practice,
or perhaps interested in becoming an Accredited Teacher at some point down the road.

I readily reassure those who participate that they are in for a wonderful treat.

We can accommodate up to 20 participants.
We generally require a minimum 8 - 10 participants
 inn order to make the workshop financially viable
so that we can cover travel as well as fees.

WHERE: The Lantern, 35 Barnes Road, St. John's
(First one was at Virginia Water Retreat House.)

WHEN: Friday afternoon and part of the evening, all day Saturday, until noon Sunday.
Main meal Friday evening and lunch Saturday noon.
Finishing with main meal at noon Sunday.


Cost: $200 for each workshop

Plus $25 facility fee per workshop

Plus cost for meals: lunch $10,dinner $15

Registration form available as needed.
 Late registrations accepted as long as there are spaces available.