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Offcial T'ai Chi Chih Web Site: www.taichichih.org

*** See amazing articles/research re benefits at http://www.taichichih.org/in-the-news/

Presentation Sisters: www.presentationsisters.ca

The Lantern: www.lanternnl.ca

Wellness Guide: http://www.thewellnessguide.com/#!home/mainPage

Women and Men's Retreats: e-mail Lucy O'Driscoll at  odriscoll16@gmail.com

See the Menu Bar for my article  T'ai Chi Chih: Aging Gracefully and En-JOY-ing it

Click Here  for PDF original copy of personal article as submitted to Senior Voice Magazine May 2008 entitled "T'ai Chi Chih: Aging Gracefully and En-JOY-ing it "

Click here for article on T'ai Chi Chih, Teens and Addiction

Click Here for 2011 Vital Force Journal article by Sister Antonia Cooper re "It takes a Lot of Effort to Get to No Effort"

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“A TED Talk: The Effects of Ta’i Chih Chih on High School Students” 
TEDx Albuquerque, NM: Innovations in Education
TCC teacher Amy Tyksinski and two students demonstrate this moving meditation while discussing the benefits high school students have experienced as result of the practice.