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                                ***Because of allergies, please keep sessions as scent-free as possible. Thank you! ***

Chow Qigong - Sensing the QiChow Qigong Energy Testing

Special Note re Chow Medical Qigong (pronounced chee-gong)

On October 22, 2012 I received my Level One Certification as a Chow Medical Qigong Instructor and Practitioner. My training qualifies me to offer education/practice sessions with both individuals and groups.

Chow Medical Qigong is clearly a form quite separate from T'ai Chi Chih, and quite different in many ways, though both work to facilitate the flow of the same energy and are founded on many of the same energy principles. 


          Chow Qigong Meditation Missouri           Chow Qigong  Meditation - bringing in Qi          

“What is Chow Medical Qigong?”

This particular form of Qigong is named for Dr. Effie Chow who originated it as
part of her Chow Integrated Healing System

 Dr. Chow is a world renowned Qigong Grandmaster, energy healer,
author and guest speaker.  She is also a registered
public health and psychiatric
nurse.For over 40 years she has worked Dr. Effie Chowto integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Western Medicine.  In 2000 she was appointed by then President Clinton to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy.  She is also the Founder and President of the East West Academy of Healing Arts in San Francisco, CA.


Dr. Deepak Chopra has said of Dr. Chow:  "Effie Chow is one of the strongest energy-based healers and acupuncturists I have met and I have seen with my own eye some of the remarkable results of her qigong work."



Chow Qigong - Breath - Posture              


Dr. Chow had been to Newfoundland to conduct trainings in the Stephenville area and was a key lead person at The Canadian Qigong Congress held in Stephenville in 2009.  It was my experience with Dr. Chow at that Congress which stirred my initial  interest in doing further training with her. I later attended the World Qigong Congress in Toronto in 2012 which led to my eventually doing my Level One Certification as a Chow Qigong Instructor and Practitioner.


Chow Qigong - Dr. Chow - Qi Pressure


Chow Qigong is a discipline that anyone can learn. Its various concepts together form what Dr. Chow calls a total integrated approach to health of body, mind, and spirit. It is a powerful healing system that combines western health practices and ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine in which body mind spirit are one.

Chow Qigong - Knee Rotation                 Chow Qigong - Heaven and Earth Stretch

Like T’ai Chi Chih, though quite different in form, it is based on the classic Chinese belief that a powerful energy system exists within our body. When the Yin and Yang (Qi) energy patterns are disrupted and out of balance, we experience disharmony and become susceptible to disease. When this energy is rebalanced, health and harmony can be restored and enhanced



Chow Qigong - Total Body Stretch 1             Chow Qigong - Total Body Stretch 2          

Fitness and wellness, body mind spirit, are the primary focus. Chow Qigong further emphasizes how we play a major role in our own health and healing, particularly as we learn how to sense and build our internal qi.


   Chow Qigong - Qi Pressure - finding knee point                Chow Qigong - Qi Pressure - finding hand points  Chow Qigong - Qi Pressure - Hand Point



It invites us to experience this innate healing energy existing within each of us and to learn more about bringing it into greater balance  through a focus on posture and breath, physical  exercises, meditation,  Qi-Pressure, massage, energy testing, basic principles for living, as well as good nutrition, and more, all of which help to build our internal qi.


     Chow Qigong - Propeller Turn          Chow Qigong - Head and Eye Rotation


Many people of all ages and abilities practice Chow Qigong simply because it makes them feel good.  Many have reported, and research demonstrates, that the more faithful one is to practicing, the deeper the benefits.

  Like T'ai Chi Chih, and many other modalities,
        Chow Medical Qigong is a way of helping yourself feel better,     
body, mind and spirit,  
using your own natural inner resources.


Reported benefits vary from person to person, including:

facilitating better performance and better quality of life overall                          
*  increasing strength, flexibility and balance     
*  building higher levels of energy and stamina                                                                             
*  helping you reach your optimal level of health       
*  reducing anxiety, depression, chronic pain
*  strengthening your cardiovascular system       
*  improving existing health conditions                       
*  providing powerful stress  management tools
*  slowing aspects of the aging process                    
*  boosting your immune system

*  enhancing your respiratory function
*  regulating weight and metabolism
*  enhancing mental clarity, focus and creativity
*  fostering more JOY in your life!


                           Chow Qigong - Foot Massage                          Chow Qigong - Qi Pressure - Lower Body Points


  I  invite you to
  “Come, taste, and see!”


Chow Qigong - Eye Massage


 NOTE:  Chow Meical Qigong Beginners Classesare being PUT ON HOLD for  Fall 2016
Shall keep you posted regarding future sessions.

 As always, any particular session will go ahead depending on the number of full registrations
at the begi
nning of each session.

For those returning students who wish to take their Chow Medical Qigong to a deeper level,
you are welcome to register for what I call
Beyond Beginners classes his Spring and whenever  available
or join us for any Beginners classes as a "Refresh, Review and Deepen" practice session when offered
or come along to other special Saturday sessions that may go ahead.
Any new sessions will be posted in the NEW UPDATES which can be found on the side Menu.

Keep checking for possible Saturday sessions at Virginia Water Retreat House:

These always prove to be a simply wonder-full day ... a kind of buffet style tasting/practice of all of the various components of Chow Medical Qigong. These Saturday sessions are always very much en-JOYed by all who come to participate, some as returning students who come for "refresh, review and deepen" time and others for their very first time
. All are repeatedly delighted to be going home with a variety of new "tools" in their wellness tool kits!  Then the "homework" begins!  The only "test" is your life itself!

                                                            Shall keep you posted re other possibilities as they unfold ...


Chow Qigong - Eye Massage










Chow Qigong - 8 Hugs and 3 Belly Laughs




 To learn yet more ...

Click Here for my poster of Chow Qigong 10 Basics plus Basic Components, including 8 hugs a day!

Click Here to read a copy of "Spotlight on Chow Qigong", my article printed in The NL Wellness Guide 2013 Edition.


You are welcome to browse Dr. Chow's web site for East West Academy of the Healing Arts at www.eastwestqi.com  www.eastwestqi.com 

There are also numerous You Tube links for Dr. Chow well worth browsing ... including numerous interviews ... quite an amazing woman ...quite an amazing healing practice!

*     Meanwhile, here is the You Tube link for a 5-minute clip of Dr. Effie Chow’s longer Guided Meditation.  It is recommended that it be done sitting on the floor, but it can also be done sitting in a chair or even lying down …   http://eastwestqi.com/tag/5-elements/


-  Dr. Chow's full meditation CD is available for purchase on-line

-  The script for the full meditation and introduction can be found in her book, Miracle Healing from
   China, co-authored by Dr. Chow and Dr. Charles T. McGee.

- I have a single  copy of her book available at a cost of $20 Canadian.

Click on this link to read more about a Chow Qigong daily noon meditation you may wish to partake in with others world-wide     http://eastwestqi.com/services/meditation-2/


*     Here is the You Tube link for Dr. Chow’s  Follow-Along exercise segment as it appears on
        Volume 1 of
her  2 DVDs. She essentially does 2 repetitions of each exercise in total silence.


*     The instructional clips for several of her exercises as singles can be found on You Tube as

I have the full Volume 1 DVD, Chow Medical Qigong Basics and Exercises,  available for purchase ... cost is
  $45 Canadian. It contains the basics of Chow Qigong, including detailed guided instructions for each of the exercises, along with details re the benefits for each.

I also have copies of Volume 2 DVD, Qi Pressure, which takes you through the first 5 tracking points  that are covered in my 8-week class and then beyond that to other points.  Cost is $35 Canadian.

NOTE:  I suggest that it would be wise to wait until you first learn the moves in class before trying them at home for the most part,  so you get the appropriate instruction and guidance even if you have the full DVD with her teaching segment or watch some of her instructional clips on-line.