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Class Offerings

Copies of Justin's T'ai Chi Chih photo text, his writings, practice VCR/DVD, audio cassette/CD, as well as other practice VCR/DVDs will be available for purchase. 



 8-Week Beginners Course:
These 8-week sessions start in January, April and September, with morning, afternoon, and evening classes available, and run for an hour an a half once a week.  The Beginners Course covers all 20 moves in a particular sequence, usually adding two or three new moves each week after reviewing previously learned moves, each class ending with a silent practice of the all the moves learned so far. Students may opt to do this course more than once to help deepen and refine their practice or they may opt to move on to do the Beyond Beginners course after they have done one full session at the Beginners level and feel fairly comfortable with all the moves.
$80 for the 8-week course


justina - Daughter

 Daughter on the Mountain Top
Beginners Class,
 Justina Centre, Logy Bay/Middle Cove/Outer Cove 


  8-Week Beyond Beginners Course:
 These 8-week sessions start in January, April and September, with daytime and evening sessions available,  and run for an hour and  half once a week.  They are designed for former students who are fairly comfortable with all 20 moves and want to deepen and refine their practice.  The Beyond Beginners Course focuses on the key Principles of T'ai Chi Chih as we work on refinements, applying the Principles to the various moves, each class ending with a full silent practice.
$80 for the 8-week course


Lantern Beyond Beginners 2010

                                          Six Healing Sounds Beyond Beginners Class at The Lantern


Weekend Courses:
The 8-hour weekend sessions are offered winter, spring and fall on selected weekends, both in the St. John's area and in other areas of the province, pending interest. These involve three sessions - one Friday evening, one Saturday morning, and one Saturday afternoon. They are designed for both beginning and returning students, and combine new teaching with review and refining of movements for both levels of students.

Cost: $60 for the weekend

 GFW 2007 - Daughter?

Daughter on the Mountain Top
Weekend Session at St. Catherin
e's Renewal Centre
in Grand Falls-Windsor


Corner Brook - Drum 2006
                                                                                   Bass Drum
                                                                 Weekend session in Corner Brook

Seijaku Course - Advanced form of T'ai Chi Chih:
This 8-week course introduces students to the advanced form of T'ai Chi Chih which is called Seijkau (pronounced say-jaw-coo, with the accent on the last syllable). It is intended only for those students who have been faithfully practicing T'ai Chi Chih daily for at least 6 months to a year and are quite comfortable with all the moves. Seikaku incorporates a different application of  the T'ai Chi Chih softness principle for heightened Chi flow. It is offered pending student interest and readiness. 
$80 for 8-week course


Seijaku Training NJ

                                                                              Passing Clouds
                                                     Seijaku Weekend Training in New Jersey