Tai Chi Chih

Joy Thru Movement


Lantern Parking

Lantern Parking, 35 Barnes Road     SPECIAL PARKING NOTE:            

Parking space is very limited on The Lantern parking lot itself. Parking can be especially challenging from time to time depending on other sessions on there at any given time.



***  The regular Tuesday Yoga group finishes at 7:00 … and we start at 7:00 ... you might avail of that even if it means allowing yourself to arrive a few minutes delayed for class ... that would be fine with me! Just slip in...

***   Some on-street parking is permitted on The Lantern side of Barnes Road directly in front of the building itself except December to March.

***  Those using The Lantern are asked to note that ample overflow parking is available in The Roman Catholic Basilica parking lot on Military Road. If you park at the top of the lot, then to the right as you face The Basilica from Military Road you will find a short 30-second laneway in the top far right corner that will take you directly to The Lantern parking lot. There is a large green sign on the far right hand corner of Presentation Convent there pointing to The Lantern walkway.The parking generally available in the Basilica yard may be more of a challenge anytime there is an evening Mass or other happening at The Basilica.

***   There is evening parking after 5:00 on both sides of Mullock Street near St. Bon’s just  around the corner from The Lantern.  On the side nearer The Lantern, I do believe there is free parking all day but may be busy because of school hours.

You may be aware of other options close by as well …