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Several former T'ai Chi Chih students from my classes have continued on to become Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teachers over the past several years. It is wonderful to see our T'ai Chi Chih teaching community grow as well as our Newfoundland T'ai Chi Chih community overall!


Of those initially accredited in 2009, three had begun actively teaching here in Newfoundland, Allan MacNeil in the Stephenville area, Karen Dingwell-MacCarthy and Nelson Higdon in the Gander area. Nelson has since moved out of the province. Another student, Carolyn O'Donnell,  was recently accredited in May and has already been involved in some teaching since then.


Allan can be reached at 709-649-1224 or synergyqi@yahoo.com

Karen can be reached at 709-256-8486 or  kdingwellmccarthy@nf.sympatico.ca

Carolyn can be reached at 709-685-7863  or  carolynodonnell@bellaliant.net



There is also a link on the official www.taichichih.org  web site  to the Directory listing for T'ai Chi Chih teachers world-wide if they choose to be included there for anyone anywhere who wishes to check for teachers in your own area.