Tai Chi Chih

Joy Thru Movement


What is T'ai Chi Chih?


What is T'ai Chi Chih?
T'ai Chi Chih ® Joy thru Movement is a series of 20 gentle, easy to learn movements designed to help 

stimulate, circulate and balance the flow of Chi, that natural, vital, universal Energy in our bodies, the same Energy that is in everything that exists. The more balanced,  the more freely it flows in our body, the greater wellness and vitality we experience.  It is indeed yet another way to help yourself feel better, in body mind and spirit, using your own natural inner resources.

No special clothing or equipment is required and very little space is needed, 
making T'ai Chi Chih very portable, a virtual moveable feast!

All of the moves can  be comfortably learned in a series of eight sessions of an hour and a half. I have also taught the full set on an 8-hour weekend.  The weekend is obviously more intense but it works well for some who are unable to commit to the full 8 weeks.

Just always says that there are only two good times to practice T'ai Chi Chih: 
"Practice when you feel like it and practice when you don't feel like it!
The rewards can be amazing!"


Advanced T'ai Chi Chih or Seijaku
Advanced T'ai Chi Chih is known as Seijaku, a Japanese word for "Serenity in the midst of activity". 
Seijaku introduces an element of what is referred to as Resistance or hardness to the soft moves of 
T'ai Chi Chih. It omits Light at the Top of the Head and Light at the Temple and uses a slight variation in
form for Bird Flaps its Wings, Carry the Ball to the Side, and Cosmic Consciuosness Pose. 
Seijaku also includes some preliminaries before Rocking Motion,  as well as what is referred to as
the Jing, plus 3 meditations, and The Joy Song which Justin himself wrote. 

The Origins of T'ai Chi Chih:
T'ai Chi Chih was originated in 1974  by Justin Stone, a T'ai Chi Chuan Master and student of 

Eastern Traditions, who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Unlike many other forms of T'ai Chi,  
T'ai Chi Chih is not a  Martial Art form, but rather "a moving meditation" whose essence is softness, 
promoting serenity and a greater sense of well-being.

Who Can Do T'ai Chi Chih?
The simple, gentle movements can be easily learned by people of all ages ... the very young 

as well as the very old, and everyone in between. My students have actually ranged from 9 to 104 over the years! 

Classes can be done seated or standing, or a mix of the two. For those with physical limitations, the movements may be done with some modification.Some students who are in wheelchairs have come and enJOYed my classes and have have done quite well, experiencing a lot of benefits.

T’ai Chi Chih does not require a particular level of physical fitness, balance or coordination. 
In fact, students report remarkable improvements in both balance and co-ordination and overall well-being.

Browse the official world-wide T'ai Ci Chih web site at www.taichichih.org 
for much more information.

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