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Reported Benefits

Reported Benefits of T'ai Chi Chih


T'ai Chi Chih offers different benefits, according to what each individual needs.
My own story has been of a journey toward greater aliveness and wellness as I learn to
live my life  in a healthier way. I have new and renewed energy in body, mind and spirit,
better enabling me to celebrate each day's gifts and to embrace each day's delights and challenges.


What do my students around the province say about it?

Some describe it as relaxing, gentle, peaceful, soothing.
Others welcome the contrast it provides to the rest of their busy lives.
They often come for simple relaxation and find that T'ai Chi Chih offers so much more,
including, in the words of Justin Stone, the originator of T'ai Chi Chih, 
"a strength far different from muscular strength,
a growth in confidence,
a belief in ourselves and in the centre of our being."

As one student expressed it,
"Doing it just feels good!"

Benefits reported by people in general, with regular practice, include: 


  • a greater sense of overall well-being

  • relaxation, relief of daily stress

  • increased energy and stamina

  • improved balance and stamina

  • expanded creativity and awareness

  • enhanced mental focus and clarity

  • relief from depression and anxiety
  • blood pressure/cholesterol control

  • regulation of metabolism and weight

  • better posture and circulation

  • relief from arthritic symptoms

  • heightened immune system response

  • improved bone density

  • improved sleep

  • growing serenity amidst activity

  • more JOY in our life!

I invite you to "Come and Taste and See"
for what it might hold in store